University - Moving - Animefest 2016 #August

August is probably going to be the busiest month of the year so far for me! University is starting up again, which means it's time to cram all the Korean and Russian that I've been forgetting over the summer into about a month's worth of studying! On top of that I'll be moving this coming week as well so I can focus more on finishing out my senior year of University. To finish out the month, I'll be photographing at Animefest 2016! Currently I'm just freelancing appointments on property so I can still enjoy a bit of the con, but of course I will still be accepting a few more sessions for those who want to get there cosplay officially out there. You can find some preview photos of my cosplay shots attached or here and you can contact me about the slots I have left here. There are still other portraits coming up this week too as everything unfolds, but hopefully 2016 will continue to bring good luck and adventures!