Hallyu Entertainment - Lantern Festival and Dallas Fashion Week!

Now that I finished up AnimeFest appointments, I can safely safe I built an extensive amount onto my Cosplay portfolio! It was so nice to meet individuals with the same interests that are also so incredibly talented to have made or put together these costumes. You can find a lot of my new shots here and I'll also post some below. Also, BIG NEWS AHEAD, I have joined as a collaborative force (aka solo photographer) for K-Pop all day with Hallyu Entertainment at SISU Uptown! Not only will I be at this event but I will also be one of the main photographer for Dallas Fashion Week in October and the Lantern Festival in November. I'm so grateful for all these opportunities to not only further my business, but also furthering my education about the work I do daily. You can find information on K-POP all day or the Lantern Festival on their respective pages.