Keep Moving Forward

If you've been browsing my page very recently you'll see that I just uploaded a new senior shoot album. Patricia was the 2015 Make-A-Wish Ambassador and was granted her wish to go to Italy. She suffered from Liposarcoma, a cancer of the fat, which caused her to have her leg amputated. According to,

"Liposarcoma is a rare cancer of connective tissues that resemble fat cells under a microscope. It accounts for up to 18% of all soft tissue sarcomas. Liposarcoma can occur in almost any part of the body, but more than half of liposarcoma cases involve the thigh, and up to a third involve the abdominal cavity."

For an individual so young and athletically prosperous (diagnosed at 14 and now 17 years of age) this caused her so much change in her life. I learned that Patricia was involved in Track & Field, and as an individual who has in the past been associated with those sports, I can only imagine the impact that suddenly having to stop had taken on her. 

Now in the year 2016, Patricia is striving better than ever. She hopes to attend UT Austin, an acclaimed Texas University, for Communications or Biology. She is an inspirational individual who proved that regardless of your plight, you can overcome and continue to be a successful and beautiful person. I'm so happy to have met her and her family and hope to continue to capture their beautiful life through the future.