"Cooing" for KOODING

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The beautiful Jessica Lee, modeling one of the cutest dresses from KOODING

The beautiful Jessica Lee, modeling one of the cutest dresses from KOODING

After a LONG semester, I'm back with updates! I say that I'm back, but I'm only slowing getting back into the groove of things. I spent the latter half of this month completing multiple 15-page Russian essays, Korean presentations and just doing work in general. Not to mention I have a Yelp Fort Worth event to prepare for yet I am here -- blogging. But with all that behind me, I am excited to venture off into some updates as well as an extra special post covering one of my latest partnerships! 

Update-Wise, I still am selling tickets to my showcase next month (January 11th) with RAW Artists where you can join me and other Dallas creatives as we share our work in our own exhibits! I haven't put together my outfit quite yet, but I've been spending an awfully long time on KOODING's website and it's safe to say my outfit will most likely be coming out of a box shipped from their site. I posted a few of my recent shoot with Jessica in some of their adorable gear, but here are a few to accentuate my favorite pieces:


You can visit their website to see more of the looks, but I personally love taking this style to a cafe like Mango Mango or Cafe Brown Sugar. The elongated partial Hanbok style is beautiful to me and allows for a cute look when pairing with sneaks, or sophisticated when you dress it with flats. I always rant about how I wish the States could be more like the rest of the world, where you aren't frowned upon for dressing up to random locations. When I was in Japan and Korea, everyone (not just women) would dress up just to go shopping, and it was normalized to a point where even those dressed up in Lolita attire weren't stared at. One of the reasons I love KOODING so much is that all their styles have that Asia vibe coming from them, which is something I incorporate in my day to day fashion. The clothes are soft, durable and make me feel business casual 24/7. I tried to go to the opera when I turned 20 (feels like forever ago now..) and just wanted to use it as an excuse to get dressed nice and feel great, but even at the opera, Dallas natives were decked out in a mere blouse and jeans. When I'm wearing these clothes I feel like I'm back in Asia where it's okay to dress fancy and of a different nature than the typical casual gear. I guess all in all the moral of the story is don't be afraid to dress nice, even if it means just taking your new threads to a cafe in Carrollton.