4 Ways I Self-Motivate

4 Ways I Self-Motivate

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Amidst the deepest depths of my overbooked calendar are days that I, sadly, can't foresee coming. 

Motivation sucking, uninspiring, and overall dreadful days.

As someone who suffers from bad depression, anxiety and a lil more, I find these days to be my biggest enemy and worst burden. Whether you've been working in a non-creative atmosphere for too long, received harsh criticism, or it's just an off day for you -- you're not bustling in those magical creative juices. But fear not! There are ways to overcome these days. Trust me. It's not the easiest process, but it's possible. Here are 4 ways I try to regain my inspiration and self-motivate.

Surround yourself with art

So yeah, that doesn't sound all that convincing, but it works. There isn't a specific to this either, art is what you perceive it to be. Personally, I like to head to my local Kinokuniya and pick up some Larme magazines or read some pastel covered manga. For me, Anime and Manga has been a big part of my life. When I read and see the art drawn up, I immediately feel more inspired and genuinely happier. Don't enjoy that kind of stuff? Try visiting a place that leaves you with positive feelings everytime you visit. This doesn't have to be any particular shop -- it used to be Blockbuster for me (please tell me you all remember Blockbuster). The important part is that it makes you happy, and happiness leads to a will to keep pushing.

Rely on yourself -- and let other people help

I rely on myself for everything I put out. I didn't have someone guide me through each obstacle like I can for my siblings or friends. I led a lonely younger life of always wondering if I was burdening all of my friends by just being there. But 9/10 times, those aren't your thoughts, it's the anxiety. It's okay to rely on your friends for an additional source of positivity, but if you can't be happy alone with yourself, you'll never be comfortable without your peers. I find that self-care practices such as grooming, hygiene routines, and overall self-maintenance can really boost your own confidence and has a generally amazing effect on your body. If you feel good inside you're more likely to want to create and get back into the game.

Organize (your life and your work)

I can NOT overstress the importance of Google Calendar enough. I keep all of my plans + work
+ shoots color coordinated and timed in my handy dandy calendar. I also have a cute little notepad (I'm highly motivated by cute stationary and pencils) that I fill out my schedule in too for easy checklists in the event that my phone is unavailable. You'd be surprised at how planning shoots with a detailed Pinterest log will help not only you but also your clients. I'll attach mine too so that you can check it out! Click here 4 inspo

Make time for work + play

Anyone who works multiple jobs can get caught up in work. It's important to make money but it's also important to hydrate yourself with the nourishment of relaxation. So often I get swept up in the idea of what I can do with all the money I make from work,  but that day of vacation never comes because I'm constantly hustling just for the sake of working. When I'm not editing or logging in hours for Yelp or my serving jobs, I try to relax without my phone and read some new manga series or play some Markiplier in the background. I know my tastes may not be the same as you all, but there are so many equivalents that you can utilize...don't let yourself fall prey to stress or school or whatever it is that you're dealing with. Sometimes, I like to set a week aside on my calendar to strictly work on branding from home or set a content schedule to be posted in my downtime. Doing this work in advance can give you days where you can relax at home with your cat or go out with your friends and not feel guilty that you're spending and not saving.

So go ahead. Book that trip to New York or abroad. Set your schedules to hustle in the work to save up for it, but also give yourself some time to regain your creativity and self-care. If you feel good, it'll show in your work. Constantly pushing out content when you aren't feeling truly passionate or happy is just going to create a cycle where you feel driven by the need to create without the actual passion you started with.

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