Get Back in Control of Your Time

Get Back in Control of Your Time


I have 3 jobs aside from freelancing. That sounds like a lot, so people always assume I’m swamped and stressed and have no general time for a life. Honestly, I’m generally stressed most of the time anyway, but it isn’t always because I’m busy or don’t have a social calendar going for me. I find time to dedicate to all of these jobs and still give myself the self-care needed to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Don't be a digital hoarder, clear your clutter

What is the first thing that you do when you feel suffocated? Panic? Stress cry? Maybe you let a little bit of that leftover teen angst out? 

Instead of doing that, try clearing out things that don’t matter. I like to delete the unnecessary texts filling up my phone. All the automated subscriptions, bills, and random messages from that one time your friend asked to hang out in 2012 can add up on your “unread messages” and leave you feeling like you’ve lost control. Save those numbers that you have sitting there from that one appointment you already completed and delete that old thread. Same goes for emails, Facebook and Instagram requests. Not only are you positively affecting the storage space on your phone/computer, but you’re also clearing the path for yourself to get out of this digital grave.

Color coding is your best friend

There is nothing quite as helpful as internalized associations. I’ve been color coding my calendar for years, ever since Joseph Brewster showed me how powerful of an ally it was. Whenever I see green, thank god I don’t anymore, I know it’s for academic related material. That dainty pink that google calendar branded Flamingo? Friends + Family matters. Blue? Reminders for my to-do list. Honestly, if I didn’t have my gym regiment lined up for me in yellow each week, I probably wouldn’t remember to even go. Tracking it all leaves me accountable, and really you’re doing this for yourself so you really should be holding yourself to it.

If you aren’t “to-do”ing yet, start now

The first thing I do when I wake up, other than lie in bed with my cat for an additional hour and a half, is make a to-do list. Even minute things like, picking up groceries or remembering to submit work online are all detailed. There’s a fulfilling sensation surrounding the productivity you feel once you’ve completed that list, even if the feats are small. Giving yourself short-term goals is what will lead you to complete those you have planned for the long-term. It’s kind of a “practice makes perfect” type of deal, except you aren’t subconsciously doing it so you feel better and better and gain the experience at the same time! 

I feel good when I feel useful. You don’t have to be built that way to get a positive experience out of trying these tips, you may already have a plan going for you that works. But, if you don’t have control of your life, these are so instrumental in setting up a way of growth in your time management. You’re the only one that can live your life, don’t make it harder on yourself by living it all at once with appointments that you can’t attend. Take control and get your life in gear! 


What are ways that you maintain your life schedule? Do you personally find that going with the flow makes life easier for you? Comment below with any opinions you have on this list and the topic in general~

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