HELLO NEW WORLD! A recap post


It's been a while. Maybe a little more than a while...maybe three months. But enough of that, let's get down to more important things for anyone that actually enjoys reading about my little ramblings!

To start off, I've been doing a lot of work recently after getting hired on to be the Yelp Fort Worth photographer, which turned in to Marketing intern which this upcoming September will turn into....Assistant! I feel like this is the fastest I've ever been promoted and although I'm majoring in CLIS and two languages...Marketing is one of my strong suits. Growing up a millennial it's kind of difficult for it not to be, ya know? So I've been doing that since maybe the day before I left for Japan. Speaking of, I met wonderful models Georgia & Misuzu while I was there, along with some adorable random and willing street models. 


I saw lots of interesting and cultural things on my trip and found out a lot about myself as well. I also learned that the metro in Tokyo is much different from the one in Seoul...which also is much different from the one in San Francisco..dually noted. I didn't take many shots outside of my models because I was trying to force myself to live more in the moment and not spend it all behind my lens.

But here's me in front of the lens for once~

This was at Tokyo DisneySea which is not as photogenic as one may think! Anyways, after all of that traveling, I came home remembering that the Kidoh S.O.H.K tour was an immediate follow-up trip. We traveled to ATL, DC and LA on top of running a show in Dallas the night before the trip started. I was dead tired but was fortunate to link up with creatives and artists all over the states. You can see all their images here

Oh, but the fun continues!

I met up with Jinny, a super personable and totally adorable freelance model on my last full day in LA, which ended up also doubling as a product shoot for Purveyor & Loyal K.N.G. Now I have a few article and photo collabs up on their site as well!

I've continued my work shooting for them in Dallas lately and plan on taking it to Houston for a pop-up late September. There is also a New York trip in the works once again to meet up and collaborate with KORElimited

I capped off my first day back from the tour shooting with KOREOS in collaboration with Mnet and KCONTV and complete an Officially KMUSIC video interview with them that will (hopefully) be soon released to the public. I also have finished A LOT of new cosplay shoots including Jodie & Hanna's which are both featured on my page. Bookings for AnimeFest are piling up and soon I won't have any slots left. 

This has been a super long recap but I'm sure it's all up to speed now! I'll try to keep on to this blog portion of my site more often, but busy is always best!

Thanks for indulging me,