Changing pace

It's time!

Summer marks a time of change for many. For me, it means graduating, changing up my work schedules and basically uprooting everything to make room for a fresh version. 

As you can tell from the site update, I mean.

The newly updated site is a better representation of my journey since I've started public photography. When I first started, all of my work was only seen by classmates in a critique circle during a class. Keep in mind this was also 4 years ago.  My work has changed. It gradually changes actually, bi-weekly. My style is nowhere near what it was when I started and although I'm slowly making it to a niche idea, I'm still not finished. 

I just returned from New York and found out that I wanted to continue a bit with contemporary art photography but mesh the ideas of art and editorial in a sense. I've just secured two new partnerships with Fossil and Delphine the Label and I am so ready to use these styles to create a new image for viewers of product photography. I also recently purchased my tickets to Los Angeles, so I am now fully ready for my trip back to Seoul this October. There really is so much that I can talk about here, but I'll save it for when I start blogging next month.

visual ilinx

Photo by Cindy Sung

Photo by Cindy Sung