Concepts + Series

The series portrayed below are an artistic expression created under days of research, collaboration, and conceptualizing. All concepts are visualized and put into place after careful screening of models, designers, and studios with the atmosphere in mind.  These are very important to me as they are less of a campaign or test shoot and more thought out and creative.



This series was thought up with initial inspiration coming from "Larme Magazine" . There are subtle tones of the popular Japanese Igari makeup style, with a touch of embellishment via glitter, rose pieces and other items. The tones are meant to be a pastel haze, with a tiny touchy of vibrance on the hair and outfits. I tried to focus on certain parts of the face this time rather than a 35mm view.  Outfits are supplied via YesStyle.  

Linda Tran - Model

Bella Roome - MUA + Model

Original Pinterest Board


Renaissance era, Game of Thrones and all in between is what formed this concept.  I had an amazing team supporting me to make this happen and it couldn't have gone differently. We really wanted to channel a baroque vibe, with a touch of fantasy. Initially, I wanted the photos to be edited as if they were an oil painting, but desaturating the colors frustrated me, so I met in the middle. The tones are subdued slightly,  but are still true enough to maintain a healthy look. 

Megan D'von - MUA

Linda Tran - Model

Seven Liu - Model at Dragonfly Agency

Accessories - Designs by Sally "Romancing the Stone"

Original Pinterest Board

Deity -Work in Progress-

Quite possibly one of my most invigorating and fulfilling concepts. This whole series was inspired after reading the popular Webtoon "Lore Olympus" written by Rachel Smythe. I've always been fascinated by Greek Mythology, but her retelling of the taking of Persephone in a modern world encouraged me to visually represent some of the deities. All of the accessories and dresses in this series are designed specifically to match the concept, as well as the makeup styles. Of the 6 deities I will be portraying, 1 session has been completed. Each deity has a video to portray the tone of the shoot, these can be found on Youtube. These will later be comprised into a photo book and possibly enlarged prints. Each set has a series of captions written by myself to reflect the words surrounding these deities. The deities in use will be Persephone, Hera, Artemis, Pandora , Gaia and Psyche.

Kristianna Davidson - MUA

Becky Sasso - Designer

Persephone + Pinterest Board